Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little houses

Oh I love these little houses, One is finished and the the two need some hand embroidery. Done on the embellisher, I broke a needle today and then couldnt find the how to book, I have now thank goodness.
These are like the ones Dale has been making and I love them,I have a few ideas on how to use them.
A bit tired as I was up half the night with cramps in the legs,one of those things that are sent to try you, so I wasnt as with it as I had hoped I would be. I really wanted to get on with my bit of Module 4 using wire mesh but couldnt get my head around it so left it and embellished instead.
I went into Victor with John today and painted by the river again while he did some jobs, getting hotter and stickier again. My lawn mowing fellow came today and couldnt get over the amount of grass that has grown, I have had to put on a few hoses again, amazing how dry it all gets.

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