Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From my bed

I thought I should do something in the sketch line for this blog today andwhat better than this one, what I see when I am sitting up in bed in the morning when John brings by tea and toast in.
I really shouldnt have the iron and ironing board set up in there but its about the only place in this cluttered house to put it. In early spring the camellia outside the window looks lovely with the flowers peeping in. Sometimes the blue wrens tap on the window as well.
I am packing today to go to Melbourne tomorrow, not sure what to take, could be warm to hot and sultry.
My back is still killing me, I think what I had done yesterday was rather more than needed.
I have washed, ironed and tidied today as well as feeding ponies and am about to walk the dogs.
I have finished the First Lady, a good read.

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Teri C said...

I like this Penny, but what really caught my eye is when John brought that food by. Awesome.