Monday, February 12, 2007

A wonderful morning

This morning John had a meeting in Goolwa so I got up early and fed the two mares who always nicker at me that they are hungry, my two old ones, and then we went over to Goolwa and I went wandering down to look at boats, see the sights, wander the town and finally walk along the beach, magic. It was such a lovely day.
When John finally rang to say he was ready I was still on the beach but collected him 10 minutes later, back to Victor where we had a coffee and a baguette at our favorite eating place and home. I had bought a black cotton voile top to wear over bathers, a yummy necklace, some offcuts of curtains to use with the embellisher and some thread.
My youngest daughters 15th Birthday today so raced the half hour over to her place to give her her present, collected one of my grandsons off the bus as his mother was collecting his father from the plane, he had delivered my oldest grand daughter to Armidale in NSW where she is going to the University doing science.
I have also just bought tickets to go to Melbourne next week, I will go to the Quilt show and visit with grands. Whew.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a life you lead! You practically need a private helicopter to get around. So you are coming over our way and will be in Melbourne - well, we'll be far away at the wedding in Bateman's Bay. Now there are four of us going - with a large painting, a guitar, a kava bowl and cases with bling clothes and picnic clothes.

Penny said...

Oh bother Wendy, but have a great wedding and next time I get your way perhaps we can arrange to meet, or even if you ever come our way.Love the idea of both bling clothes ane picnic clothers, get the painting there in one piece.

Tony F said...

Bravo Penny. Both photos are terrific. You have a true artist's eye. Looks like a gorgeous day.