Sunday, February 18, 2007

Embellished piece

I am not sure I like this, it was really trying to see what would happen when I put some stuff on to a piece of the paper I had left over from the bookcover. It worked well but wasnt quite what I had in mind. At least I know that I can embellish onto paper that has been painted etc. It started out as just ordinary brown paper. Maybe some stitching would help.
Considerably cooler by lunch time after a real stinker of a night and early morning.
This afternoon we went in for a walk at about 4 and a coffee. The sea was wonderfully calm considering the wind we have had all day, but then it was a northerly which calms the sea in this area.


Doreen G said...

Penny do your next TAST sample on it and see what it looks like then

Doreen G said...

Or cut it up into 3 strips and re-arrange it and then embellish it together again on muslin or some other fine fabric.