Friday, February 02, 2007

mistletoe flowers

John brought these in for me the other day and I took a photo, ( he does still bring me flowers!) he said that the particular tree had taken them from had three different varieties of mistletoe flowering on it. The mistletoe birds must have been busy, they are lovely bright coloured little birds and we dont see them often but there is a lot of mistletoe around so I think they are there.
It was hard to get the flowers with the ends and stamens to show up. I think the little horseshoe honeyeaters probably get the nectar from the long narrow flowers.
Another night of broken sleep but this time because we were expecting a pony to arrive at about 10 pm and he didnt get here until 2 am, the driver spent the night as he was so tired.
Heating up a lot today and it is very uncomfortable, you just get used to pleasant weather and then another burst of heat hits. The hoses in the garden are back on.

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