Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A bit more feather stitch

I was playing with different things to do with the painted brown paper and this was a bit left over to I re painted some off cuts with Stewart Gill paints and embellished them onto the paper and then feather stitched over the top. the actual bit looks better than the scan.
I am heading off to Melbourne on thursday to see the grand children and my son and his wife. Looking foreward to it but I hope my back is better as I have been to the physio again today and it is at the moment rather sore.After yesterdays long and extremely hot day in Adelaide I felt pretty flat today any way.
I did manage a short beach walk to unwind after the physio, he is such a nice young man but gosh I feel old, he is so young!


kay susan said...

Absolutely gorgeous colours!

Doreen G said...

Now tell the truth Penny was this trip arranged to coincide with The Thread Studio being at the Melbourne Craft show (te heh).

MargaretR said...

this is really lovely.