Friday, February 02, 2018

Flowering gum flowers and morning walk

I nipped over the road this morning to cut the last few remaining flowers that I could reach on the flowering gum over the road. too nice not to have them inside. I also brought in a lot of ants! We walked again this morning and again a very low tide. I suppose because of the super blue moon we have just had. too cloudy here to see it. I felt terribly stiff this morning but it was a good walk. I put the poor starfish that was on the sand back into the water. I think I felt stiff because I went over to see Sarah yesterday and we walked out to see the ponies, probably a longer walk or rougher than I normally have. I have felt terribly tired today. I do hate this getting old. I am trying to do too many things at once I think, getting my little squares stitched together for India Flints little class, making legs for both my rat and duck from Jill Maas patterns, most of the bodies are done but I need help from John to twist the wires and I found the duck leg description a bit confusing. I might add so did John but I think we have worked it out. Still got to get to my TAST for this week, herringbone stitch and my daily stitch has fallen by the wayside a bit. A lot of wandering from my chair to the work room and back. After the bit of rain we had John is out there mowing the edges of the lawn, they have grown more than the middle. Time to feed Max and George, they get a bit stroppy if I dont feed them on time.

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Robin Mac said...

You certainly lead a busy life Penny, no wonder you feel tired. I get so frustrated that I take sooo long to do anything these days. The day has vanished and I am only half way through what I wanted to achieve.
That flowering gum must have been really lovely in full bloom. We don;t need to bring in flowers to find ants in our house! Everyone in Mackay is inundated with them, they even get into the microwave and don't seem to be the least affected by it. I thought that should kill them.
Have a great weekend. Cheers