Friday, February 16, 2018

Morning walk

My computer is being unbelievably slow, driving me nuts. Of course now its not just my computer as John is using it too. I tend to use the tablet but cant get photos from my camera to the tablet. We had a lovely cool walk this morning after a bit of early rain. I had an appointment with the podiatrist this morning too. Lovely to have my feet done. fSpent too much time trying to get this up so I am now off to make a second duck foot.


sharath said...

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning Penny. I'm catching up a bit here. Busy days and a bit of depression has kept me reading, but hardly commenting. We are still getting snow...rain...and fog which are common for this time of the year. I'm thinking that I'll put pots on the front deck this year. I usually have just a couple of geranium, but I am missing the flowers that I have had there in the past. However, I might have to think twice because they usually draw bees that like to come inside when we open the sliding doors to come in or go out. We used to have Woolworth stores all over the USA. They have disappeared in my area and miss meandering leasurely around the store. They left an opportunity for the Dollar Stores to open stores everywhere about a mile between stores it seems. Not the same concept at all, but they do have their purpose.

Have a great weekend. Hope your weather is kind to you.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

Sorry you are having a slow time posting, but lucky you to have had a cool break. The heat is still fierce up here, very slightly better today after a storm last night, but temps in the high thirties all week, feeling much hotter because of the humidity, Thank goodness for air conditioning as it only goes down to about 28 overnight!
Your photos of your walks always look so interesting. Cheeers