Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Messing around.

My duck in a couple of stages of her growth. Hair and now new eyes. I need to think about her clothes. I did a little textile collage too. Having lots of problems with my feet, but I am managing a morning walk and my 10,000 steps. Enough moaning..


Robin Mac said...

I do love that duck.
Sorry to read you are having trouble with your feet. I have to use special orthotic inserts inside all my shoes - fitted by my podiatrist. It really limits the style of shoe I can wear, but my feet feel so much more comfortable. Thank goodness I can walk well again now. You have always seemed to have done so much more walking than I do. I hope you can keep up with your walking - and taking those interesting photos you keep posting. XX

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I had to get a closer look at the fabric you used on the duck. It's great. I guess foot problems goes with older age. Terry's RA caused this feet on the bottom to be deformed as you would see knarly hands. My problems seemed to have started now at 66. But it's good not to let these issues get the best of us. Do you think walking on the shore is easier on your feet than a road? But it's probably more hard on your legs. Can't win for losing.
xx, Carol