Sunday, February 25, 2018

Such a lovely morning

Over to friends who have an enclosed orchard on their farm to pick fruit, plums and peaches but a few other bits and pieces as well They have some lovely plantings ans this banksia caught my eye as well as a few views. Morning tea after a damp hour or so collecting fruit. Such a delight to go back on a farm, missing it. Now to start processing a few of the damaged fruit, lots of breakfasts coming up. Lovely.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The tree in the 4th picture caught my eye. I has a wonderful gnarly trunk! it would be wonderful to have a friend that offers tree picking!! Our fresh fruit is available around July. It's a long wait. Most of what we get comes from Mexico. Now our crazy president has started a war of words with Mexico's president and our trade agreement might go bust. Wonder where a billionaire gets HIS fruit. But then, from what I see of him he loves Fast Food fried chicken and hamburgers. Sorry for my rant. When I see him I see RED.
xx, Carol

Countryside Tales said...

How lovely to be picking fresh fruit. I'm sad that you're missing being on a farm, I can empathise with that.