Sunday, February 04, 2018

Yesterday at Goolwa, today at Kent Reserve

Yesterday we went over to Goolwa to see a couple of exhibitions, one was a textile one, some good some not so good but I loved this yarn bombed tree looking all fresh and bright. Goolwa has some lovely old buildings, this one is used I think for one of the local radio stations. We went down to the beach to get some cockles as John was supposed to go fishing today. We also saw all these sea weed balls all over the beach. We got our share of cockles which was good. I am busily sewing abut three things almost at once and John helped me get Daphne ducks legs done, wire and twisting every where. I am also hand sewing, white on white with a bag I am making, very slowly I have to say. I was supposed to be going to our Welsh youngstock show but as John was supposed to be going fishing and we only have one car I thought he needed to go, well a bit of a muddle this morning and the other fishermen had been out to dinner the night before and got home late so fishing was off. Too late for me to go to the show so we went for an early morning walk instead. Quite hot so I think I am glad I wasnt where perhaps I could have been. I am still taking my antibiotics and do feel a little bit fragile. At least I managed a good walk.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I just caught up on reading your blog. My house/life is in turmoil right now so I have been away from the computer. Thanks again for sharing all your lovely pictures. I always enjoy them so much.
xx, Carol