Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home and re packing

 We had a very long 10 hour drive yesterday, we left a bit late as A had a nose bleed but it did mean we didnt have the sun in our eyes.
What it did mean was that we hit peak hour traffic from one side of the city to the other, long slow and hard on the concentration. Oh for a decent road from one side to the other.
While I was away I made this little ornament, it is M's birthday tomorrow and usually we are with her so this was left for her.
A few more photos, I hope I havent put them up before but no matter.
Lovely peaceful views of boats, a closer look at an emu, they do come into the town and I saw about seven one morning by the shop, but no camera!
The little beach at the point I walked on most days. Fantastic clouds.
Wonderful but now I have to think of packing for Bali.
At the moment though I am doing a mountain of washing and getting stuff put away.
Max was so pleased to see us and Oscar is home now too and checking things out.
Lots to do tomorrow.

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Barry said...

Hi P - never let those hands be idle - enjoy yourself to the fullest in Bali. B

Julie said...

What a beautiful beach! How exciting to think about the Bali trip!