Thursday, May 02, 2013

This week so far.

 John went fishing on Sunday and caught this lovely legal Mulloway which we have been eating, we baked the front half and filleted the back bit it was far too big for just the two of us in one go. Both ways were delicious.
We went to Adelaide to see the Turner from the Tate exhibition at the art gallery, the chimney tops were taken as we walked down the lane behind the museum to get to the art gallery.
We had organised to have a light lunch as well and I always like eating at the gallery.
I enjoyed bits of the Turner, not so keen on the oils but did enjoy the fact that there were a lot of watercolours and sketches and paint trials and preliminary sketches for the larger paintings. I couldnt afford the book but may have a look on the net to see what is on offer.
We had a good walk on Tuesday, the tide was right and my back and knee only started to ache towards the end of it when we wlaked on the bike trakc, the bitumen was rather hard!
I loved the shag on the post, although it is a bit blurry.
I have had more physio on my back but the poor girl doesnt quite know what to do with someone who cant get bits of her in the right places and whose upper back spasms when you work on the lower back.
It will eventually come good!
John has gone to a funeral today, one of the local aboriginal elders has died and John worked with him when he (John) was mayor, I would have gone but it is over at Meningie, a couple of hours drive away and I dont think my back would have enjoyed it, although it is a beautiful day and it would have been lovely by the lake.
Instead I walked down to the stables and around some of the mares and foals and took photos in the garden, the mares and foals look about their worst at the moment as the foals are due to be weaned and we are still having to feed them, a ting of green in the paddocks but that is all.
We need more rain.
The smoke bush is turning yellow and the early sasanqua camellia is out, the rest of the garden looks pretty unkempt I am afraid.
I just hope by spring I will be able to get back to doing some more in it.
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Annie @ knitsofacto said...

The Turner sketches and such are a delight aren't they, you can see how he puzzled things out!

Hope you get some rain soon!

Jo Murray said...

There's nothing quite like fish straight out of the water....and Turner too...what a life!