Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A third little angel

 I wasnt sure I liked this when I embellished the blue scrim onto blue felt but as she started to be made I rather like her.
A piece of handmade felt for her dress and scrim for flowers, beading and embroidery and some silk roving embellished on for her wings.
I like my embellishing machine.
We have had more showers today, we had our hair cuts and came home by early afternoon.
Collected my car which bunny hopped home, they forgot to do something to the springs so it has to go back in tomorrow and my shoulders and neck are aching.
The joys of the modern age when things dont quite go right.
A lot to do tomorrow so I will probably not blog until after we get to Coffin Bay.
My collection of' 'to do' bags to take with me is growing, and I mustnt forget my sewing machine.
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Brown Trey said...

Nice work, Angel :) Thanks for sharing.
With Regards.
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Anonymous said...

The little angel looks wondeful Penny.

Julie said...

So adorable!!!!!