Saturday, May 11, 2013

A walk and another angel

I really like this angel, the colours work for me, they are fun to work on.
I seem to be getting my photos at a bit of an angle, the photographer not the blog!
We went for a walk this morning after going to the market.
We are supposed to be having a cooler change although at the moment it is still t shirt weather and we hope some rain tonight.
It has been a very odd few days.
As you can see there were some interesting clouds as we walked on the beach this morning, and sea weed piled up.
We havent managed a walk for over a week, so nice to manage one this morning, although I think the change may be coming as my knee was most uncomfortable, which it hasnt been for a few days.
John has once more cleaned out the gutters and blown away the leaves that are all over the place, I love autumn but the glory vine makes a huge mess. I know some people dont like blowers but I bless ourts.

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Jo Murray said...

I really like that angel too Penny.

Barry said...

P - so frustrating when one can't get out and commune with nature. But then it does provide time for indoor creations - such as angels. Go well. B

underatopazsky said...

The angel seems to be echoing those lovely clouds! I love the colourway. :o)

Julie said...

What are these angels made of, Penny??? They are awesome!!!