Thursday, May 09, 2013

This and that

I have been playing with my embellisher and this is one of Annette Emms angels that were featured in Stitch magazine. I had a lot of fun with thisw one and another is under way.
I havent used the embellisher for so long and it has been a lot of fun.
On Tuesday night we went up to Adelaide as John had a meeting and stayed with P over night as he had another meeting in the morning.
P gave us a lovely dinner and her son was there as well, it is nice to catch up with the younger generation, although they are not so young any more!
P and I did a little bit of important shopping and then went up to Carrick Hill to see the Jaqueline Hicks exhibition, I found it interesting as the paint in the 1940's must have been terrible as it has mostly gone to an over all mud colour but the later paintings were lovely, especially her aboriginal one of a figure with dogs.
I do find Adelaide tiring and so today I walked Max early and have done another angel figure but it is not finished yet.
It has been terribly hot for the last 2 days, over 30degrees C yesterday and nearly as hot today. With no rain until Sunday we are trying to water again.
So frustrating.
What has germinated in the paddocks is looking very sad and sorry and the garden looks awful.
Another difficult year for farmers here and so many being driven over the edge.
A couple of photos of the hills and houses taken from the Mitcham area.
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Robin Mac said...

I love your angel Penny. I need to get my embellisher out again and practise. Sorry you have had such hot weather and no rain. Farming is such a risky business. Over a third of Queensland is in declared drought again - thankfully not us. Cheers