Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Around the garden

 We have had some rain, not a lot but enough to start things off we hope.
The garden looks refreshed after such a long dry time and what autumn leaves I have (most fell off during the long dry) are looking lovely.
The self seeded plum is a beautiful muted colour.
I just managed a peacock in the photo as well.
Lots of seeds and flowers on the palms, although they wont much like the cold weather now.
Max is always there when I let the chooks out, he can look but get no closer!
My day has been rather mucked up, but when hasnt it! My car is not starting so it had to go into the garage to see what the problem is. I needed it yesterday when I had a Drs appointment but luckily Johns car was home.
Today I had set aside to do some baking and I finally have the biscotti done and the anzac bisuits but I am so tired. How silly to be so tired.
I am also trying to get stuff together to take away to Coffin Bay and organise the house sitter and I am so far behind with that.
Hair cuts at Glenelg tomorrow and then straight home.
I think I will make a cup of tea and go and sit by the fire!

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Wanda..... said...

Lovely angel in the previous post, Penny. It rains 3 days out of the week here and still rather cool for May, but heat will be here starting tomorrow they say! I've been baking as well, chocolate chip banana bread and pumpkin apricot breakfast muffins, but my blog sits silent.

Julie said...

Lovely red tree, Penny! I wish we had more of thoise turning color trees here...we are always green, green, green! Just got back from a trip across state. Missed visiting your blog. Hope all is well there.
xoxo- Julie

Marie Theron said...

What a lovely blog, Penny. Sharing with us the person you really are! Sweet sof angel too in the previous post. Thank you for you kind words on my very sad loss. xxx Marie