Monday, May 27, 2013

There is a wild coastline out there

 Last night the fellows came in early as they had bagged out so John took me into the National Park for a look around.
It was getting late as it gets dark early so we didnt have a lot of time and the light wasnt brilliant but these photos show a little of what it is like.
wonderful stuff, beautiful colours, shifting sand hills, islands off the coast. The steep access to the beach next year I hope to be able to get down them again.
A pair of emus, so often you see the males with chicks and not often a pair.
The results of a burn off that got away, showing the sand hills and burnt shrubbery.
We went to the yatch club for a meal, a steak! After all that fish, which I love, it was a treat.
Double click to enlarge the photos.

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Suztats said...

Loved seeing the emus and all the rocky shoreline pics. Thanks

virginia said...

Incredible photos Pen. One wouldn't believe it could be so beautiful. I wonder what I'm doing in the cold spring - 11° today, 9° yesterday. On Saturday morning we actually had a frost and they had snow in the Black Forest!


Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures Penny.