Saturday, May 18, 2013

Coffin Bay shells

 We arrived yesterday after a very long day, tired but all the crew arrived in good time too.
The smoked salmon pie went down well with a salad and some good wine.
Amazingly we were quite late to bed as there was a lot of catching up to be done.
This morning the fellows went fishing, and came home with a very good haul so we will eat well.
I walked down to the point and the little beach had a heap of shells as the tide was reasonably low so I came home with a pocket full.
I am managing the pain levels, more or less but I was glad to get home and sit for a while.
After all we did start at about 3.45 yesterday morning.
Finally a small sketched offering of shells and the coast view.
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Jo Murray said...

Sounds like a beautiful place Penny. Just take it easy and soak up the beauty. Your sketches are lovely.

ArtPropelled said...

Shell offerings... always lifts my spirits. We've just returned from a beach holiday laden down with shells, wood, pebbles and happy memories. Enjoy your fish dinners... yum! Hope a good night's sleep keeps the pain away.

Julie said...

Neat drawings, Penny! I have lost all me creative juices, so it is nice to look at others till mine come back to me!!!

Suztats said...

I remember collecting shells years ago walking on the beach-it was such fun! Enjoy your time, and I hope the pain stays manageable-or better yet goes away.

Hildred said...

What a great time - love the sound of your salmon pie and the beach looks lovely in your drawing, Penny.

Anonymous said...

Shells are so incredibly beautiful and your sketch is great. Enjoy the peace and the break.