Friday, May 24, 2013

Walking Coffin bay

I took the top photo yesterday of Kellidie
bay when we went for some coffee at the Oyster beds.
This evening I walked down to the boat ramp when John rang to say they had their bag limit of whiting and were coming in, they also had some nice big sand crabs, a couple of squid and some other odds and ends for us to eat tonight. Just as well as we do rely on what they catch to erat!
An oyster boat was going out as our fellows were coming in.
I love the edges of the water and the rocky outcrops with stunted trees.
Then there is John in the boat just as they were coming in to the ramp.
What else but a big group of pelicans waiting for the bits as some one was filleting their fish.
I do love those magnificent huge birds. I cant help taking photos of them.
I am sorry if I make mistakes but the key board is on my lap and the screen is against the light.
This holiday house is comfortable, but doesnt cater for computers, we have it set up in a spare room on a bedside table and no where for your knees to go!
A cold grey overcast day, I lit the fire so it is cosy upstairs but cold down here.

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Suztats said...

Sounds like a fun time. I enjoyed the photos-especially the pelicans and the rocky outcropping