Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coffin Bay morning after the rain

I walked up to the point and a little beyond this morning, watched a pod of dolphins circling a school of fish and drive them along to the accompaniment of screaming and diving sea birds. Unfortunately too far for a photo but something to remember.
It was a lovely morning after all the wind and rain, with birds together in places, and stunning views as usual.
Yesterday M and I went in to Pt Lincoln for lunch and get a few supplies, chased all over trying to find a little metho burner for the smoker but couldnt find one.
The fellows came in with a heap of gar fish, very pleased with themselves as we all like them.
Off to coffee, this place can get very social if we let it

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Candy said...

Nice photos, Penny. It sounds like a lovely day!

Suztats said...

Sounds like you're enjoying. Lovely pics.

Robin Mac said...

Beautiful photos as usual Penny, coffin Bay sounds like a delightful place for a holiday. Cheers

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Gorgeous images :)

We seem to have wind and rain too, and hail, and the odd flurry of snow ... in late May!