Monday, May 06, 2013

A week end workshop

 I spent most of the week end at Hahndorf , about an hours drive away doing a workshop with Glenys Mann.
As usual I have no idea what I was doing or even going to do as the week before had been such a mess with back aches etc.
I only had one and a half days as I had a Welsh foal show to go to as well.
Luckily that wasnt far away and our Rivington ponies did very well, almost embarrasingly too well. All the foals we took came home with a broad ribbon as did my daughter Tabbys Pen-nant cobs and we ended up taking out the Supreme Welsh of show with our little section A Rivington Posy, Sarah did a brilliant job and so did all her hlepers and as Posy had a few early traumas and is very special, it was lovely that she did so well.
 We were on the top floor of the Hahndorf Accademy, a lovely old building with a great space upstairs, but there was the crunch, upstairs! very steep narrow old fashioned stairs that I found a challenge, I didnt take photos while I was there but I did take this one out of the window at the lovely trees in Hahndorf overlooking the main street.
There is not a lot you can do in such a short time but we had fun rusting papers and using shellac and I made a sort of scroll, as you can see from the few small pieces.
we started with making 6 to 8 postcard sized collages, I am not at all good at collage but there you go, I progressed from pretty to not so pretty and then the tea bags came out .
I wont say I am pleased with these, I may do more to the scroll, using thread but it was a great week end and took me out of my home bound depression and made me think, a little bit!
I hadnt rusted papers for ages and I must say I love it and must get out my rusting stuff so I can go and make more papers, they make such great backgrounds.
It was great having a workshop with Glenys, and I met up with lots more forum friends who were there as well asmaking some some new ones.

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ArtPropelled said...

Not that i know what I'm doing but I can see great potential in your "scroll". Stitching would look great on the earthy rusty colours

Doreen G said...

Lucky you Penny -doing a workshop with Glennys Mann.
I have had the pleasure of working in her classes on many occasions and I treasure all of the moments spent with her.She is a great teacher and fun to be with as well.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely - so pleased you enjoyed the workshop!

Robin Mac said...

What a great weekend you must have had - fun workshop and the wonderful success with your ponies. Congratulations. Cheers