Sunday, February 03, 2013

A few days away

 This was what it was like when we stopped for a late lunch near Warnambool on Thursday, we then went to look at ponies in the rain! It was sheeting down, just as well we had rubber boots and wet weather gear. Not a day for photos.
We headed over to spend the night in Colac and were up bright and early to look at more ponies, shetlands this time. I found this wonderful shed on one of the properties and the next photo was taken from another one looking at the rain across the hills in the distance.
We visited a few more studs and spent the night with friends who had welsh ponies and this was taken looking over their back paddocks towards the neighbouring dairy farm.
Great to catch up with them.
It was a very long trip home, arriving at about 6 pm but we had spent the morning looking at more ponies and some how I was stung by something through a long sleeved shirt and it is now driving me mad. Very swollen when I got home but a bit of antihistemine has helped. No idea what it was but I felt wings when I put my hand around to see what was making me feel uncomfortable.
I havent done a lot today I was feeling so tired.
I did manage to make another small collage this morning but using some magazines makes the copying of some of the paper go funny.
I also seem to only have 3 pea chicks left, I suppose a fox got one and now the rest will go. Such a shame as they are very sweet, although eating my seedlings.

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Anneliese said...

Lovely collage - so true all over the world.

Jo Murray said...

Shame you were bitten. Hope it's soon gone.

Julie said... free, just pay taxes!!! Awesome!!!!!