Sunday, February 17, 2013

At last a walk

We were up early this morning as it is hot and sticky and looks as if it will stay that way for a while. It wasnt terribly comfortable at 8.15 am so the day has just got worse.
I wasnt sure I was going to manage the walk but I did.
 I must not be such a wimp!
It was quite a low tide and the ripples in the sand had a lovely look about them.
I have been stitching some of my little jewelled pieces onto card as I need to gather together a few things for the Easter Show and really I havent been doing a lot.
So inside stuff, and I am stitching another lace cuff, also for the same show, I wasnt sure if they would be popular but my grand daughters seem to have liked them so perhaps others will as well.
I do wish it would rain, the garden looks awful and the dams are running low. The only bit that gives me pleasure are the pots by the back door. Sometimes I think perhaps I should just have that and no other.
Cant remember if I said but there is a huge tree down in the back garden, we need to get some one in to cut it up but John has cut away the branches that had bent my (new) little crab apple, luckily not broken.

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Wanda..... said...

How lovely the first photo...small explosion of clouds and the glistening rays on the water. I imagine such scenes help motivate one to get out and walk! Spring is hinting at its return here. We have twigs and small branches galore to pick up when it finally warms, the result of a few 'droughty' summers here.

Jo Murray said...

It all looks so peaceful and tranquil Penny. It's bucketing here, but can't complain...we needed it.