Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A bit of a messy day

I did this collage a few minutes ago, I love doing quick ones and this was using some backgrounds I had done ages ago using both home made stamps and some stencils. Just had to have that hen.
Then a photo of the pot garden by the back door, my tomato has so far given me 2 large ones and the small one has given us about 15 or so. Love it when things like that happen but I am having a few problems keeping the pea chicks out.
We had a long walk on the beach this morning, early before the sun got too hot, which it is now.
A lovely walk but my knee didnt like it much.
/so I have been fiddling around doing a bit of this and that and re reading A daughter of Time by Josephine Tey since the news broke about Richard111 bones being identified.
A much maligned man I am afraid. Politics and succession make nasty bedfellows.

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A said...

The beach looks so beautiful when it's that early.