Friday, February 22, 2013

Another cuff and walk

 I finished this cuff the other day, its not really as yellow as this.
We have been walking and I know i keep taking photos like this one but I just love the sea and the clouds and the last photo shows the froth along the beach we were walking
We head up to the Gold coast in Queensland on Sunday and yesterday was spent in Adelaide having hair done and teeth looked at (ok) and dropping off eggs and presents to friends and sisters so we were late home and feeling rather tired. I dont much like dentists so that is always rather fraught.
Today I am trying to fit our clothes for a week in one suitcase. I dont think we need a lot bathers and it will be hot and steamy so 3/4 pants (I dont wear shorts any more) and light tops not a lot just enough I think and then we also have the 100th birthday so some glad rags for that. I dont much like going up at this time of the year and it is so dry here I have to leave everything for the house sitter and she doesnt like watering things so I just hope the sprinkler system works this time, having fallen in a heap last time we were away.
Still it will be great to catch up with friends and walk beaches and swim in the pool, even if it is raining.
Off to see what else I have to do.

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Suztats said...

I like seeing your beach-walk photos. Have a great time at the 100th!

Robin Mac said...

I always like seeing your beach walk photos too Penny. I hope you have a lovely week on the Gold Coast, but the weather prediction for this week is absolutely awful. Cheers

shirley said...

Just re-read this Penny, and realise it wasn't your 100th....ooops sorry about making you older than you really are.