Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gaby's 21st party

Not the best photos, my camera was playing up but the best I could find.
Celina, Mason Gaby and Tab about to do the cake and I think in the middle of speeches.
It was a lovely night with a lamb on the spit and lots of salad, a beautiful cake and Celina made a pavlova to die for.
Not a late night which was just as well as those of us who are rather older (!!) needed our rest.
I am so proud of Gaby, she has come through a lot and is doing very well.
Loved the 2nd photo of her and Celina having a laugh.
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ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like a lovely laid back event.My mouth is watering at the thought of lamb on the spit. BTW, I've been enjoying your quick collages.

A said...

One of the more exciting birthdays. Some might argue that it all goes downhill from here! :)

Barry said...

P-looks like it was a time filled with joy - that is good. Go well. B

Robin Mac said...

Such lovely happy photos, looks like you all had a wonderful night. Cheers