Saturday, February 23, 2013

The garden is dry

 The cows got into the orchard and decimated a lot of the agapanthus and african daisies. It doesnt look too bad but this has not been watered for weeks and we have had no rain.
It is all crispy and a lot of leaves have fallen off the trees. I havent shown those things.
I am pinning myt faith on the belladonna lillies, once they flower we are supposed to have rain within a month. An early break to the season would be such a help then maybe we can survive for the next little while, both farm and garden and us.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

I wish for rain for you. I wish for spring for us.

Jo Murray said...

If only we could send some of our rain down to you. We are having it in abundance. Strange country Australia..... droughts and flooding rains orright.

Barry said...

P - what a country of contrasts - as JM says we could easily send some of our rain your way. Hope you get rain relief soon. Go well. B

shirley said...

We can send you some rain Penny it has been raining here all night and all of today. But at least the awful heat has gone, and the gardens will thrive.