Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Golden morning

 i wasnt going to blog today but these yellow crocosma were glowing With the early morning light through them this morning, I know some people think they are weeds but I love this one.
Max and I were out early this morning before it got too hot and one of the workmen was organising hay for the cows in the house paddock, and somehow Max got into the photo too with a smell that he found rather interesting.
I am still on my 10 minute collage in the morning, another from an old gardening book on a back grund of stamps on some watercolour paper.
I am never sure what I am going to do or what I will say on them but it does make me feel tthat at least I have done something arty today.

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Suztats said...

Your crocosma look wonderful with the sun shining through them. I'm so looking forward to spring and flowers in my gardens!

Julie said...

I have never heard of a crocosma !!! Love your neat collages!!!

A said...

Beautiful shots and beautiful flowers as well!