Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gold Coast beach erosion

 We finally went to look at how the beaches were holding up this morning, a possibility of a walk in places, but so much debris and all beaches were closed for swimming, although there were a few mad surfers out there. There is a lot of erosion and getting down onto the sand is almost impossible unless you are young and agile, sad to say I am not at the moment.
Today is the first day without showers, so it is now hot and humid!
I had a long swim in the pool, trying to do some exercises and now ache, silly me but the pool was lovely.
Last night we had guests in for dinner, I cooked a lump of beef with a mustard crust, for the price of the meat it was a bit disappointing in its quality but slow cooking and the tast was fine with a 'jus' (dont you love that word, but it sounds better than watery gravy!) made from the pan juices and a bit extra went well with it. My cooking skills were vindicated, thank heaven.
I am always asked to pay for my board by cooking for guests at least once, which is asking a lot as these days I only cook simple things and usually for only two, but it does put me back on my toes to come up with something good..
I really like the rain, not so much the humidity. The garden looks lush and tropical, so may birds calling in the park over the back fence and today lots of different coloured butterflies. So far I havent managed to photograph one.
Tonight we are off to a house warming, bring your own everything as the young couple have just bought it but are off overseas for a month to see family before moving in, so candles and bring chairs! Sounds like fun.
The week is going fast.
Any way the sun is out and all is well with the world.

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ArtPropelled said...

Beef with a mustard crust..... my mouth is watering. I know I would LOVE your cooking!

Robin Mac said...

Your cooking skills have not disappeared by the sound of that luscious roast Penny. I am glad you are having fun there despite the weather. Cheers