Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 day workshop with Roz Hawker

 It was a wonderful four days but I feel totally exhausted and all my muscles ache!
I have finally mastered a jewellers saw and although it doesnt look as if we did much we had to concentrate very hard and amazingly things came together.
We also sewed to make amulets with silk and learnt how to make a hole in metal and how to rivet using what we had as well as making links.
India Flint cooked the most amazing lunches and I am now back on a diet!
It was hot on the last day or two but the lovely converted mill, I think that it was that Jenni ownes and where we had our classes was a brilliant space for a small group.
I caught up with Lou who I had been in a workshop with at Forum years ago and met some other lovely people.
The photos, a couple of the river at Goolwa, Roz giving a talk and some of the things I managed to get done.
I was terribly tired and had a few problems keeping up but I was so pleased with the class and what I learnt from it. I drove over and back every day, thank goodness John fed animals and helped with dinner as I arrived home and collapsed in my chair, had I been drinking with a glass or two of wine but at least in that regard I was good.
Getting old is a b....!
Things I could once do without a thought now take days to get over, still I am off the cortisone and I hope from now on things will improve.
No walk this morning, instead a trip in to the market and a weeks shopping to be done and by the time I had finished that it was getting too hot.
We have had weeks of glorious not too hot weather and now it has become hot and humid, I hate it.
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ArtPropelled said...

You met India?! Lucky girl! It sounds like a good workshop and once you've recovered from exhaustion it will be fun to experiment with what you have learned. I look forward to seeing your new creations. The pieces in the photo mosaic look lovely!

Suztats said...

I've always wanted to work with metal! Sounds like a wonderful time at the workshop, and I look forward to seeing your new skills.

Robin Mac said...

Sounds like a wonderful workshop Penny - hope you recover from your exhaustion soon, then make some interesting pieces from your newly learned skills. Cheers

roz said...

penny , glad that jewellery saw has been tamed ! and ha, i see another image of me with my glasses at the top of my head...anyone would think that that is where my eyes are!

wonderful 4 days, thank you for joining us

Penny said...

So sorry Roz, I called you Hunter and not Hawker! I have rectified it.

Barry said...

P - good for you - into metal yahoo!! Amazing to be able to spend 4 days in a workshop - must have been such a buzz for you. Look forward to seeing some of your creations. B