Monday, February 11, 2013

This that and the other

 I am trying to get together stuff for my 4 day workshop starting to morrow with Roz, I know I have far too much but I hve no idea exactly what we are doing so if I dont use it, well I dont and I am driving backwards and forwards so I hope I have some idea of what I will need or not need tomorrow.
today another quick collage in between wondering if I want this or that or whatever!
I finished another little jewelled piece last night and will probably start on another. I love fitting a tiny bit of this and that together.
We walked this morning and this is not what it looked like! Quite blustery and lots of white caps but I forgot my camera.
How could I? I never do so this is the same walk but last week, I thought the clouds were rather nice.
Looking towards Granite Island and Seal rock.
We saw a dead penguin this morning on the beach too.
Thank you to every one who has left a comment over the last few days, my knee is not brilliant and I am rubbing stuff on it and it seems to help my walking for a short time. I am determined to keep on walking but I am not sure what is happening under the skin!
I see I have made 70 followers on this blog, I think in a week or so I will have to think about a give away, but not this week I will be too busy.
Thank you to all who read my ramblings!

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A said...

This is one of my favorite collages so far actually! The weather here unfortunately has cooled down enough to be soggy and unpleasant, but no farther than that.

Suztats said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in class! Nice pics , Penny, thanks.

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely little jewelled piece!I hope your knee is better. We use a menthol rub that is used on horses (called, Ice Man). Just the smell is enough to make me feel better.

Julie said...

I wanted to tell you about these patches called Salon Pas that are aspirin (antiinflammatory) and menthol. I apply small ones to my change them out after 8 hours. Seem to help somewhat. I am also taking a teaspoon of gin soaked golden raisins twice a day. They both seem to be helping my knee considerably.