Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Morning walk with birds

 It was a glorious morning cloud and some sun a bit of humidity to warm us up and as we walked down to the beach there was this lovely pelican, I so love our pelicans, large and magnificent and beautifully black and white. He wasnt too pleased abut let me get up close and then waddled into the water.
They get quite tame as fishermen feed them.
Further on was a duck in the water, I need to work out what this one is as its not a mallard, then a cormorant drying its wings on the channel marker and finally a sooty oyster catcher who was up the beach searching for sand worms. So smart in his black and red.
A bit of fine drizzle today and I need to get the washing in off the line.
I dare not let the chooks out as that wretched fox might be around.
I am off tomorrow with Sarah, going over the border into Victoria to look at shetland ponies, not my pick but our grand daughter wants one for her 21st, she had a lovely one she rode to Royal Show standard when she was small.
We are also going to look at a couple of Welsh Pony studs as well.
We leave early tomorrow and come back latish on Saturday. John will be in charge so I hope nothing dire happens and Fenella is home to do the ponies. The weather looks as if it will be cool and damp, much better than hot and awful. It should be a lovely break.
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