Friday, January 04, 2013

Early morning walks

We are heading into a 42 degree day today, wasnt quite as hot yesterday and we had a cool night, infact it was lovely when I got up just after 6 am to turn on the hoses but by 8 it was hot and windy.
A bad fire day so i will be on watch for all the day.
we go down a bit tomorrow and then up again into the high 30's and low 40s.
All you can do in this weather is hibernate and hope the power doesnt go off.
I have several stitching things lined up but I need a bit more stimulation than that!
I have almost finished the washing only our towels to do and that is done.
The internet has been pretty strange, I think that it is because of all the traffic we dont normally get in the area due to holidays. I couldnt get onto blogger yesterday on my small machine, or this morning but out here (in the hot end of the house!) It is better so I am doing this blog early.
Loved these sea gulls and their reflections when we walked yesterday, and of course there are huge numbers of people with dogs that normally we dont see at all.
I had to laugh at the dogs as Tuppy the old pug has moved up to the kennel under the trees at night, must be cooler, and I found Sarahs border collie Sally curled up by the shed in the damp soil where I had watered yesterday.
Max of course does his own thing and demanded to come out when I was doing the hoses and then at 8 said he hadnt had his walk, by then the flies were terribly bad and it was hot and dust was blowing.
Well off to hand out that washing and do the dishes and sit and sew and read. Nice that I did all the shopping yesterday.

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Linda said...

The weather is going to be so hot in the coming week Penny, especially in your area. We had such strong wind last night, and a hot wind too. I've got the air conditioner going and off to knit AGAIN. Sprinklers going everywhere too. Our dogs are all resting beside their houses, in the shade of their trees.

Love the peaceful scenes in your photographs Penny, so lovely. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Take care, stay cool.

Julie said...

Ooooooh ... Too cold there right now! You do good getting out there for your beautiful walks! Love your beach photos, Penny. I did 6 loads of laundry yesterday too,... Getting ready for a trip. Stay warm!
Xoxo- Julie