Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blue stingers and brown jellyfish

The last two days of walking on beaches has meant that we have seen the arrival of the bluestingers on the Hayborough beach, and the first photo is of one washed up and also the brown jellyfish in the water of the little beach at the end of the cliff walk near Petrels Cove.
You cant see them terribly well although if you click twice you may get a larger view, but there were literally thousands of them on the beach and in the water.
I remember one year when we were diving off West Island and they were there and any unprotected bit of you was stung quite nastily.
We have had terribly hot weather, and quite windy weather as well, so the seas have been quite rough and coming from the south.
We have another week of hot weather to come but it is quite comfortable at the moment, I think we got to the equivalent of about 105 degrees or more F, about  41 degtees C but hotter in other places.
So lucky that so far no fires have been near us, but the devastation in Tasmania has been horrible.
While it is hot I have organised a lot of easy sewing to do as really all you can do is go out early to put the hoses on and again late at night and just not do too much during the day.
My hens have stopped laying as well. I knew I needed to get some new ones before Christmas but as we were going to be away I really didnt think I wanted the worry of new hens.
At least we have managed a walk most mornings, I need to get some of that Christmas eating off the body!

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Wanda..... said...

I took a long walk yesterday for the very same reason, but here it was very cold. Better today though, it's already above freezing this morning.

Robin Mac said...

I have been thinking of you with all that very hot weather Penny, i am glad you have stitching lined up to do inside. Hot and sticky up here, but not nearly as extreme as in other places. Cheers

Helmi said...

Its winter in Holland! Beautiful place!