Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Feeling just a bit virtuous.

Why? because I have finally managed to clean the house so now I can relax for a few more days and hope the cat doesnt shed too much.
Of course the minute I had finished vacuuming I proceeded to throw random threads all over the floor again. At least they are not cat hairs!
We walked early this morning as the ute had to go in to have the light John broke (he backed into the toyota tail gate!)  and as you can see it was grey and actually cold. Lovely.
I had been up early as the mare we have been waiting to foal was roaring up and down her paddock and not a foal to be seen. I thought it would go down hill but the silly little thing was three paddocks away and uphill, Luckily we found it. So an early morning adventure in my SIL's ute with Sarah holding the foal in the front seat while I drove, still in my yukata, she then got flattened by a very upset mare when she put the little boy back in the paddock  but all seems well now.
A first time mum but she certainly knew it was her foal and he settled for a long drink after his adventures.
I have made a start on this little bag using up what I have, some dupont silk and what I suspect is a piece of gold French lace as it came from a very superior clothing place, I have had it for ages and decided to finally use it, no good keeping everything and I cant take it with me.
I am also fiddling with these little pieces, not sure if they will be cards or what but I have lots of bits that I cant bear to throw away and a use will be found for them.
Finally, instead of mad birds it is a mad fish, this one is finished and I have another under way, I did cut out two more but am not madly keen on them and so something else will be done with the others.
I am feeling I am getting a bit done, and I have a couple of classes coming up to go to soon and possibly a trip to Bali, life is getting interesting.
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ArtPropelled said...

Life is never boring for you Penny. Visualizing the new foal in the front seat. Lucky you found it!

Wanda..... said...

Love how you turn scraps into works of art! Looks like an interesting room to explore, Penny!

Jo Murray said...

You can come clean my house anytime Penny. Cleaning's on hold for the present.

Julie said...

Ooooh... a trip to Bali!!! Now that's what I'm talkin about!!! hehehe.