Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Strange things in the sky

 We went in for an early first 2013 walk this morning on the beach near Hayborough and heard this strange buzzing sound in the sky, and there were these two flighted hang gliders, I couldnt get a decent shot as they didnt show up well in my led on the back of the camera due to the bright light.
It was a lovely walk and there was a small yacht coming in past the islands.
I have been making owls, they are such fun to make and each one has its own personality.
I find themf a nice thing tohave on hand and stitch a bit of when I have time.
today I am washing all the bedding, slowly as there is not a lot of water pressure at the moment, and tidying up.
The family laft late yesterday afternoon.
We went to dinner at friends place, a lovely meal and beautiful views across the valleys from their newly refurbished tennis house deck and were home around 11.30 and asleep by the time midnight came in, it has been a very hectic few days!
One nearly nasty accident early this morning as our oldest granddaughter and friends were walking home and they were attacked out of the blue by some young aboriginals, F had a nasty cut on her head from a swung hand bag and ended up in the hospital for a few hours, I didnt even know we had a problem down here.
Of course they shouldnt have been trying to walk home but couldnt get a taxi and their phones ran out of battery so were unable to contact family. Luckily it wasnt worse.
So no resolutions, just hope for a happy and healthy New Year and things to keep me interested. Oh and some rain would be nice.

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Wanda..... said...

What a frightful experience for your granddaughter. Our oldest just left after a 2 week visit and there were concerns of her flying across country alone, with a layover in Chicago. Home safe now though. No resolutions here either...except maybe, make the most of every moment!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh dear, Penny that is frightening! It happens here daily but I was so surprised to read about it happening in your neck of the woods. Glad your granddaughter is alright.
We also folded by 11.30, fell asleep in seconds and woke with the fireworks at 12.
Happy New Year to you both!

Julie said...

Oh what a terrible thing to happen to your granddaughter!!! Glad she will be ok. Makes me so angry.
Love your cute fat little owls! I wish I had time to sew more!
Xoxo- Julie