Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Horse tram Clydesdales

We went in for a walk this morning and had to do a few other jobs and as I sat in the car and waited for John to come back the horse tram Clydesdales went past, they usually go through the back streets but have to get onto the busy road through town for a short while, I couldnt believe how many cars had to go slowly after them! I had to take this photo as I am not often in the right place at the right time.
We had a lovely walk this morning, around at the Bay, and although there were a few clouds and it was a little cool it was lovely walking and listening to the waves lapping on the beach.
Another batch of my little jewels, I have been asked what I will do with them, I think possibly on cards but also if I get enough who knows, I think they are a little big for brooches but on presents they would look nice as well.
I read on some ones blog that they take out a few minutes in the morning to do little collages and I thought it was a great idea, too big and I lose interest but small ones? perhaps, well I made one this morning and I will see how my mood takes me.
It will be hot tomorrow, today was lovely.
Yesterday I paid for my Bali flight so early June and it is actually going to happen!
I cant wait, although I have travelled a lot I am a bit nervous as I am doing a tour, but on my own, no John to pick up the pieces, I think my main worry is sorting out money, just because in Bali they work in huge numbers which are not worth much but it means keeping track of thousands of rupeah. Perhaps I wont buy very much!
MRI on my knee tomorrow, means an early start.
Oh and double click to see the photos better.

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bunks said...

Bali sounds exciting, is that where they make the batik fabric?

Barry said...

P- good for you - off to Bali on your own. The little art works look great. B

ArtPropelled said...

I'm so enjoying your little jewels each day. It should be easy to keep them up because of their size. How wonderful to be going to Bali! I'm sure the money side of it will be a breeze once you get into it. Perhaps you will find the time to keep up with the little jewels in Bali only using scraps from your trip.

Penny said...

Thanks every one, I think they are going to be a little addictive and am planning something like that Robyn