Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bits and pieces

If you click or even double click on the top photo it should be clearer.
They are little bits of precious 'stuff' I have been sewing together, so much fun when it is hot.
we walked along the beach at the bay this morning and saw this pelican flying by, of course I had just shut the camera down so had to aim blind and hope I got something, he came up reasonably well when I cropped the photo.
Then there was this strange piece of jelly, looking alm ost like a starfish but its not, whether it is a jelly fish or the remains of some sort of sea creatures eggs I am not sure.
The brown jelly fish from the other day have moved around to where we walked this morning but I wasnt going to take their photos.
I had gone in to the market early this morning and as it was lovely and cool we then walked.
Bother I have lost a photo it was of the rather ominous looking clouds with the sun peeping through, perhaps tomorrow!
Yesterday a friend of mine and I went for lunch and then wandered down to have a look at the Rotary art show, first time for her, second for me, it takes a while to get around and we kept bumping into friends so it took even longer. We needed a cup of coffee and a cake shared afterwards.
Lovley to catch up.
I had also had a doctors appointment and we have arranged for me to have an mri on my knee to see why the wretched thing is still aching, something else to look forward to but my polymalgia rheumatica seems to be clearing up which is great news now to slowly get off the rest of the cortisone I am on.
Not this stops my arthritis pain but that I can sort of live with.
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ArtPropelled said...

I do enjoy the double click! Interesting little jelly fish. We've started walking again and it's amazing how much better one feels after a good walk.

Robin Mac said...

Stupid blogger won't respond to the click and double click at present - I shall try again later. I hope you get good news with your MRI, I am about to start the rounds with my left knee now - oh joy. How wonderful that the PMR is going though. Cheers

Robin Mac said...

I've been back and I love your little bits, what are you going to use them for, little brooches perhaps?

Jo Murray said...

They are such precious little pieces Penny. Do take care.

Julie said...

Hi Penny! Your artistic "bits of stuff" are interesting! What will you do with them? They look neat to me for package decoration, or sewing into a larger art piece! I am so sorry to hear about your darn knee. Mine are both killing me now...not sure what to try next, if anything. Hope you get answers with the MRI. That jelly looking thing is really amazing!!!

millefeuilles said...

I'm so pleased you visited Millefeuilles. Now I have had a chance to see your space and learn a little more about you.

Warmest wishes from icy cold France.


Suztats said...

Those are nice little bits, Penny, and I do love that jelly pic!