Monday, January 28, 2013

Wet and cool

 What a day, floods in Queensland, and terrible ones at that, we had to ring friends to see if they were ok. Thankfully apart from some rain blown under roof tiles and a new carpet wet all was ok, so far. It is such a slow moving low and it is creating havoc all along the east coast, one minute bushfires, now floods.
We had a lovely walk this morning, getting wet ourselves as a very welcome almost 10mm fell, a lot of it while we were walking along the cliffs and I was soaked through! I didnt mind a bit as it was so nice to have any rain at all. You will see how dry it is by the photo of the hill on the bottom right.
As usual click twice to enlarge the photos.
When the east coast floods we often are terribly dry here in the south.
So a collage of this mornings photos and all taken before the rain really fell, it was quite magic as not terribly windy.
My daily collage, I dont think I am getting any better but they are fun to do.
We sat for a lot of this cold damp afternoon watching the disasters unfolding in Queensland, I am so glad I dont have to contend with floods. Bushfires are bad enough but floods are horrid.
So I sat and untangled a heap of embroidery threads so now they are usable.
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Suztats said...

Hope you'll continue to be safe during these awful conditions. Hugs

Julie said...

Good job getting those threads untangled! Not a fun one either!

shirley said...

Rainy days are good for doing boring jobs like untangling threads. The floods are still affecting people up here, but thankfully the heavy rain and wind has gone from here. I dont envy those who are experiencing it down south though.

Barry said...

P-sorry to hear about the bite. That old shed looked promising - any collecting? Go well B