Friday, January 11, 2013

Bag finished and this mornings walk

I finished the bag yesterday, I think it looks ok.
I couldnt get onto the net at all yesterday but today it seems to be a bit better.
We walked early as the sky was clear and it promised to be quite warm, so we went to walk along the cliff tops near Petrels Cove and on to the little beach.
the beaches have been changing over the last few days, there is a lot more sand here but it was also low tide.
No jellyfish to be seen today but lots of lovely swirls in the sandleft from the tide running out, rock pools and a red starfish.
A beautiful walk and now I am home trying to get a heap of ironing done.
We have an art opening to go to tonight and out for a quick meal, bliss to be part of those out in the larger world! Sometimes I feel very cut off living out here but at other times I am glad I am no longer part of the rat race and can do things at my own pace.
On Sunday we have a Welsh pony show to go to, our States youngstock show, it is supposed to be relatively cool, relatively is the operative word. I will probably only stay until lunch time as it starts at 8 am and that will be long enough for me.
I am doing lots of small sewing things, more of those little bits for either a card or? Not sure what but it keeps me busy near the fan when it is hot.
The day starts very early, at daybreal here, around 6 am as that is when I need to get hoses on and the watering done and at least the flies are not so bad when I walk Max.
I had better get back to that ironing or it wont get done!

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Julie said...

Very pretty little bag, Penny!!!

Robin Mac said...

Love the bag Penny, enjoy the art opening tonight. I hope the fires stay a long way from you. Really hot and sticky here today, no sign of any rain.

shirley said...

Your little bag is stunning Penny, just the thing to use when going to an art show.
I enjoyed reading about your walk and the descriptions of all the wonderful things you see.