Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Foggy morning

 I should be feeling happy but I am not.
to start at the beginning on Sunday we had our Welsh Pony Youngstock Show, it started to rain as I left home and got heavier and heavier as I got nearer to the venue in the Adelaide Hills. I had taken a jacket but was in light pants and shirt as it was quite warm when I left home.
We did very well with our ponies, my special cream filly was the best foal futurity exhibit and went on to be supreme B in both the rings, meanwhile it got colder and colder and wetter and wetter. The Section C Cob filly won and was Supreme C in one ring and went on to be Supreme Pony in ring 1 and our Welsh Mountain colt became the Supreme in ring 2 with the filly beating him for Supreme of Show.
I was so cold I didnt wait until the end of the show as I was shivering and being cold is not good for me and headed for  home,  the temperature in my car as I left at 12.30 said 12degrees C and I didnt warm up much on the long drive home, changed and fell into bed!
Was so pleased for the girls when they rang to tell me, they worked hard in trying conditions and to top it off my other daughter and granddaughter took out the Cob Section D Championships in both rings.
So yesterday I felt flattened and didnt do a lot.
I had a blood test early this morning and as I left home it was 9 degrees and there was lots of fog.
Photos taken as I was driving in.
Home safely to be greeted by the news that one of my ponies was in a very bad way from hitting her head on the  floor, she had gone up and over onto the concrete.
Long story short we had to wait ages for the vet to come and put her down.
No ones fault, just one of those awful accidents that happen when you have animals.
We all feel rather depressed about it and pretty upset.
I wasnt going to write up my blog but as I havent blogged for a while thought perhaps an update might be necessary.

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Julie said...

Congratulations to your daughter and granddaughter on their championships!!! I am so sorry to hear about the pony having to be put down. So sad. I'm glad you got out of that freezing cold and wet weather...no wonder you fell into bed. Goodness!!! Take care, Penny!

Robin Mac said...

Oh Penny, I am so sorry, even when it is no one's fault it is still very upsetting.
Congrats to your daughter and granddaughter, amazing how the weather can turn so cold so quickly! Still hot and sticky here with no rain. Cheers

Gwen Buchanan said...

I am very sorry to read this Penny. what a sad loss.

shirley said...

Congratulations on your wins at the show Penny. How sad for you to have to have one of your ponies put down. But as you say, accidents happen.
I cant believe it is so cold down there when we are sweltering. Will that weather be coming up here.
It has been cooler today so perhaps it is.

Doreen G said...

Sorry to hear about the pony andit spoils an otherwise good weekend

Suztats said...

An awful shame about your pony, Penny. Congrats on the championships.
Hope you're okay after catching that chill. Do take care.