Monday, December 31, 2012

Some of the grandchildren

 Our oldest son and his family were over from Melbourne for a few days and last night we had a family bbq for those who were around, we are missing some but here are most of the grand children.
Isabelle (20) and Fenella (25), Millie (5) in my hat and with her new puppy, Russell with her Melbourne aunt Marguerite. In the third photo Celina (15), Evie (15), Will (13) and Isabelle and Fenella.
Having come straight back from the Island to a lunch and then having them arrive was a delight, but also a bit exhausting. I think I must be getting old as I seem to wear out pretty quickly.
So a faily easy party last night for 14, salads and meat on the bbq followed by fruit and icecream.
Seems the middle aged group enjoyed themselves, a lot of bubbly was consumed as well as wine and beer.
I left them watching the dvd of Brave at about 11.45 and went to bed!
Most of the washing up had been done and I cheated and had paper plates which cuts back a lot on the washing up.
Now the family are making last minute decisions and are packing up and I am washing as the towels and sheets come my way.
It is also warming up and the garden is terribly dry, we are heading for high 30s and I think a 41 by the end of the week. Still things have been done, like having to buy a new refrigerator(!!) desperately needed but thank heaven for Simon as he put the door on the other side which is great, and the header tank sprung a leak, now has a temporary seal on it as no one is open to get a new one and there was nothing to be had locally.
Both John and I feel rather as if we have been on the go and one day perhaps it will stop, at the moment he has 3 for a meeting bout water matters. Not the best day but at least they are outside, just hope the flies dont cart them away but there is no where in the house.
I havent yet made any New Year decisions, we will be out for dinner tonight, but I would like to wish every one a safe, happy and healthy New Year.

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Julie said...

What a beautiful family you have, Penny! Sounded so busy, yet so fun! Love that pergola!

Wanda..... said...

You are blessed with lovely grandchildren, Penny and such a joyful garden area, especially with such dryness there. Wonderful way to see the old year out and new year in!

Barry said...

P-grand to see the gathering of family; and may you and yours have heaps of joy in 2013. B