Friday, December 07, 2012


I had fun making these little earrings, although I think I should have made them of slightly smaller beads as they are a bit heavy. Perhaps my ears will be like the Queen's as I believe due to the wieght of many of her (diamonds?) ear rings her ear lobes have stretched.
I should be so lucky as to wear diamonds.
My large epiphytic cactus is flowering, it took me years to get the white one to flower.
The red one was out a few weeks ago and I forgot to take its photo, well I think I did, I suppose I should go back through the photos and see.
The build up to Christmas and us going away is always pretty hectic. Add in no rain for weeks and weeks and so hoses on and being moved, some very hot, and then very cool weather doesnt make for a stressless time (once it cools down all I want to do is sleep!).
I am still sewing like mad but not a lot of that I can put up.
It has mostly been days full of sewing and nights as well and walking Max in between.
We havent even managed a walk on the cliffs or at the beach this week and next week looks pretty full as well as people get their Christmas functions and last minute meetings on.
I will be glad when I get to the Island.
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Linda said...

Oh Penny, your earrings are gorgeous, not too big at all, and at this time of the year, so much fun!! I only have the tiniest earlobs, so have to wear pierced earrings, as others won't stay clipped on - don't have diamonds either........LOL........ I do love your cactus flower. They are spectacular blooms aren't they. I know exactly how you feel with the weather, driving me nuts at the moment. Take care.

Carol said...

Love the earrings, Penny, gorgeous as Linda says, and they look just right to me. You've been having some difficult weather I see on TV and I've thought of you. Not too bad here north of Sydney though fire trucks seem to go by a bit too often for comfort. What a beauty your cactus is. I don't have any - must try to remedy that. Cheers, Carol

Julie said...

Pretty earrings!!! I agree...the bigger the better at holiday time, especially! Hope you get some good rains soon. Love the cactus bloom....they are always such nice surprises!!!!!

ArtPropelled said...

The build up to Christmas is just too hectic even when we aren't going away. Retreating to a 'deserted' island ... or a mountain top would be wonderful!

Jo Murray said...

Those earrings might be heavy but they are such fun.