Monday, January 31, 2011

Pomegranite Book cover

This started out as a piece of painted cloth which I then used my lino cut of a pomegranite over the top. Then some Free motion machine stitch and now made up it looks pretty good for the cover of my sketchbook .
I have done quite a few things but so far I havent managed to either scan or photograph them. It is so hot that we only just exist by not doing too much. I am afraid that when the temperature gets over about 38 C our evaporative air conditioner doesnt work terribly well, sitting under a vent and with a fan on helps so I have been trying to do things that dont use a lot of energy. It has been around 42, I hope it doesnt last for too long.
One of Ann Wood's papier mache boats is under way, nice and mindless to paste scraps of paper on a cardboard base, I love her boats you can see them here as well as all the other lovely things she makes. She has a tutorial somewhere.
A couple more small houses are finished and a few other unfinished things.
We are out tonight to sit on a friends terrace facing the sea, we are all taking in a platter of finger food, sounds wonderful.
Tomorrow is Adelaide, not looking forward to that but we have appointments and it cant be helped.
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