Thursday, January 06, 2011

The new camera

I seem to have to go back to using picasa as Adobe had a hernia after we uploaded the new camera's CD.
So walking this morning,a nd here I am trying to make another sort of composite picture. My big worry is how much of my paid for memory on blogger will be used.
At least I know I can do this. there were ducks swimming in the sea, there is so much water now coming through the Murray River mouth that it doesnt taste terribly salty any more. It is amazing how much things change in a matter of weeks, one minute the Murray is almost dry, the next we will be seeing floodwaters coming through from Queensland and much of the lower Murray may be in flood.
I feel terribly sorry for those around Rockhampton and the other flooded towns. I think a flood is almost worse than a fire.
Any way the new camera will take a bit of getting used to, it is a Nikon Coolpix S8000, a small camera I can fit in my pocket or handbag but with a 10x zoom, I looked at the other larger ones but for what I want this is an upgrade upgrade on my old Nikon Coolpix (P50) without the bulk of the others and at least I can see through the LED on this one. So far I am impressed.
I may eventually get a larger camera, I have seen a Canon I like but not an SLR, I dont really want to be changing lenses, and too long a zoom will make life difficult for me in the type of photos I take as I would need a tripod, and I dont need that.
So a little collage of what I took this morning, mussels and sea weed, a hollowed rock from the reef, a dead toady, a flying duck and my favorite the Bluff and Wright Island.
I think if you click they will enlarge.
It did take John about 4 hours to get this all working!
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Wanda..... said...

The collage is great! I love the unique looking hollowed rock from the reef.

I've been reading of the terrible flooding in Queensland.

annie said...

Great photos and the enlargement works so well.

I do feel so sorry for the folks in Queensland. I think either fire or flood would terrify me.


virginia said...

Lovely photos in the collage, Pen. The colours are just wonderful.
Are any of Jill's relatives caught in the floods?

La Nina is to blame.