Saturday, January 29, 2011

My computer is working again.

Not a good week my washing machine stopped spinning, so now I have a new one, and my computer has been having problems, again, I think it is on the way out but John did a bit more to it yesterday and it seems a bit better. I just need it to last out a bit longer.
I am thrilled with the new washing machine as I will now be able to do a bit of felting in the new one, the old would only work on cold water. The local white goods shop was luckily having a special on washing machines, I had to laugh when they said the smaller ones didnt do big loads, this is a 5.5 kg weight of washing, my od one was a 4kg! So with any luck it will hold and wash more than the old one.
Also during the week these lovely books arrived, so birds may be the next thing I make, if I ever have time. I havent had much time to look at Maggie Grey and Isobel Halls book yet but there are some interesting things in there.
As well as trying to doing weaving in Jude Hills Boro class and using my embellisher in Dale Rollersons class, I am making more small houses, they are rather addictive, this little one has just been finished and I have two more to embroider and finish. I had been using the machine but we are having a burst of very hot weather, around 40degrees C for a few days so hand stitching in the cool may be the way to go.
We walked on the beach yesterday morning early, so I could shop and we could be home before it got too hot and I hadnt realised when i took this photo that I had the clouds reflected in the wet sand. I rather like it.
John went fishing this morning so another early start to go to the market and then headed up to see Tabby and the girls as I havent seen them for over a week, Millie was having a dont want to know you morning.
We apparently have fish so I had better go and see if it has cooled down a bit and feed the animals and put on some hoses. I will be doing late night and early morning watering for the next few days.

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Doreen G said...

I am doing a two day workshop with Isobel Hall in a couple of weeks--can't wait.

Rowan said...

I love your beach photo, don't blame you for walking early in the morning and then trying to stay where it's cool, the very thought of 40C makes me feel quite faint!
Every cloud has a silver lining - a new washing machine that holds more and lets you do felting and you got it in a sale too. Can't be bad:)

Wanda..... said...

Love the little house creations! It may be extremely hot, but the beach photo looks refreshingly cool, you are blessed with a beach of magnificent beauty to enjoy, Penny.
While you try to stay cool, I'll be trying to stay warm!