Tuesday, January 04, 2011

You have to wonder.

We went in for our walk this morning and you really do have to wonder where the other wheel is. Has he gone for a walk with it, didnt see any one carrying a bike wheel, or has he stashed it in the loo?
Any way we walked again the same walk as the other day, earlier and there were more dogs, some of which didnt like other dogs, and a pack of beagles who bayed.
I took the other camera again today, at least I am getting some photos, but the LED is hopeless. The colour on this camera is different too.
I am investigating a new camera, at the moment a bit more upmarket point and shoot. I would love a view finder but they are a bit more than I need at the moment. It has taken me most of the day to go through comparisons on the computer and I am still confused.
One of the old stallions had an abscess on his jaw so that had to be lanced, thank goodness he is very good, just another job for Sarah who isnt very happy about it.
Last night was awful, our neighbours separated the cows from their calves in preparation for being sent to market and they bellowed all night. It would be a very calm night and the noise came straight in our bedroom window. So we have all been a bit fragile today.
Actually another lovely day, very pleasant temperatures, not good for swimming but just right for walking.

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Hildred and Charles said...

I love that descriptive phrase, Penny - "a bit fragile"!!
I am going to use that - 'please be gentle today, - I am a bit fragile' - exactly how I sometimes feel!