Sunday, January 02, 2011

Walking this morning

It was quite cool with a strong wind blowing. I took these 3 photos and then had a malfunction with my camera, the lens wouldnt close, so I was being very careful with it due to the sand that was blowing. Luckily when I got back to the car and removed and re inserted the batteries it worked again.
So one of our favorite beach walks along by Hayborough and not terribly many people. The sand was relevantly level too which helped with my walking.
Click on the photos to enlarge, there was a new sign that had been put up, I always like to photograph them.
Apart from that I have had hoses on and as my friend P who was staying with us went early I also got a lot of washing and general cleaning up done. I am slowly going through cupboards and shelves.
A painting done for the new sketchbook Challenge that I am doing this year but that is on my other blog.
I think I might be busy this year, lots to do and lots I want to finish.
I have been enjoying browsing through blogs, have sort of got myself on face book but I really dont know what I am doing there and have finally sort of started a flickr account. Not sure if I will know how to organise all these things, I am not very good at getting the badges on the blogs, I have also noticed that the blogs with loads of stuff on their side bars take forever to load which is a pain when your not on a high powered system.


annie said...

The sign is very clear, Penny. Do you have to go out very far on the water to see whales? I miss being able to walk a beach. You have a lot of pots on the back burners, simmering-- sounds like a busy and happy year. Our internet system slows down terribly, at times, too.

Robin Mac said...

Glad to know you are struggling to work out Facebook too - I joined up to keep in contact with some of my family, but I am a complete novice at working out what to do! I have also joined flickr as one of my swap groups will be using that this year, but again I haven't worked out what to do! Had better stop, our power is likely to be cut any minute, Mackay is on load shedding, one hour on, two hours off till Ergon manages to get the system going properly.....grrrrr

Rowan said...

Lovely to be able to walk on the beach whenever you want to - but I DO wonder what your version of cool is:) I hope the whale poster has some effect on the way people dispose of their rubbish, so much harm is done to wildlife and the environment by our careless, throwaway society. Sounds as though you have lots of exciting plans for 2011, hope they all go well. Happy New Year!

virginia said...

Dear Pen,

I also got myself organised on Facebook although I vowed and declared that I never would. But it is the only way to keep in touch with Markus when he is away. He's in Costa Rica at present, so at least I can read that he is still alive and having a good time!

Happy New Year,

Much love,