Monday, January 24, 2011

Bit of this and that

After I had put the photos up I thought I should have done a grid, I might think of that tomorrow.
We had a heavy fog the other morning and I was out of the front door with the camera taking this rather odd shot down the track.
A bit more of Pt Willunga for V, the reason there were not so many people was that when I took these they were all up watching the cycle race so the beach looked deserted, it filled up later, just one of those magic days.
John and I walked along the beach here this afternoon as it drizzled all morning not much in it but still a bit of precipitation, and it was cold and grey on the beach. Unbelievable.
My yellow crocosma is flowering by the bedroom door, I just missed a tiny honey eater at the flowers, trying to be a humming bird. Another early morning photo, I like early morning, too tired by the evening. I have the red-y orange one as well but am very fond of the yellow.
I spent most of the day washing and tidying so I can get on with a few things tomorrow, although my 'other' room is still a mess and I need to clean that up as well.
Why am I such a messy person! I spend more time tidying up so I can get on with things. I admit to not being able to find a heap of stuff since I had to put visitors in one room and move everything from there into the other.
Not enough room, not enough cupboards!
Should I be thinking of downsizing? Heaven forbid.

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ArtPropelled said...

I find misty mornings just as beautiful as deserted sunny beaches. Glorious photos. The sea looks so inviting!